Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hotel Jukkasjärvi

Jukkasjärvi is a locality in Lapland in northern Sweden, situated in Kiruna Muncipality, Norrbotten Country. It has 519 inhabitants (2005), situated at 321 meters elevation.
The name is of Northern Sami origin, where Čohkkirasjávri means lake of assembly, as the area by the lake by which the village was founded was a Sami marketplace. The village got its first Finnish-speaking resident settlers in the 17th century, who changed the name into the more Finnish -sounding Jukkasjärvi, thereby removing its meaning, although järvi (jávri in Sami) still means lake in Finnish. This was also the name used by Swedish officials.
The village is a popular tourist accommodation during the winter months and is best known for the Icehotel. The wooden church is the oldest building in the village (built around 1607/1608) and is well known for its wooden carved altar piece triptych.

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