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Hotel Jukkasjärvi

Jukkasjärvi is a locality in Lapland in northern Sweden, situated in Kiruna Muncipality, Norrbotten Country. It has 519 inhabitants (2005), situated at 321 meters elevation.
The name is of Northern Sami origin, where Čohkkirasjávri means lake of assembly, as the area by the lake by which the village was founded was a Sami marketplace. The village got its first Finnish-speaking resident settlers in the 17th century, who changed the name into the more Finnish -sounding Jukkasjärvi, thereby removing its meaning, although järvi (jávri in Sami) still means lake in Finnish. This was also the name used by Swedish officials.
The village is a popular tourist accommodation during the winter months and is best known for the Icehotel. The wooden church is the oldest building in the village (built around 1607/1608) and is well known for its wooden carved altar piece triptych.

First World Hotel

First World Hotel is a standard 7-star hotel at most of its rooms. Below the hotel is a 500,000 square feet (46,000 m2) plaza called First World Plaza , housing shopping malls, arcades, food outlets, Starworld casino, The Pavilion and the Genting indoor theme park. It has a stage for weekly performances (such as magic and music shows) at the area called Time Square, surrounded by a replica of the Statue of Liberty and an Oscar statue. Other facilities including Watersplash Pool (an indoor water theme park for children), Genting Sky Venture (Asia's first free fall simulator) and a cineplex.

Utter Inn

Utter Inn (Swedish) or in English, Otter Inn, is an art project by Mikael Genberg which offers underwater accommodation to the public. The facility is entered through a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water. The only representation of this concept is, at this point, located in Lake Malaren ear the town of vasteras in Sweden.

Ice Hotel

An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up entirely of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. They are promoted by their sponsors and have special features for travelers who are interested in novelties and unusual environments, and thus are in the class of destination hotel. Their lobbies are often filled with ice sculpture, and food and beverages are specially chosen for the circumstances.
All of the ice hotels are reconstructed every year, and are dependent upon constant sub-zero temperatures during construction and operation. The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made entirely of ice, and are held together using a substance known as since, which takes the place of mortar in a traditional brick-built hotel

Capsule Hotel

The guest space is reduced in size to a modular plastic or fiberglass block roughly 2 m by 1 m by 1.25 m, providing room to sleep. Facilities range in entertainment offerings (most include a television, an electronic console, and wireless internet connection). These capsules are stacked side by side and two units top to bottom, with steps providing access to the second level rooms. Luggage is stored in a locker, usually somewhere outside of the hotel. Privacy is ensured by a curtain or a fibreglass door at the open end of the capsule. Washrooms are communal and most hotels include restaurants, or at least vending machines, pools, and other entertainment facilities.
This style of hotel accommodation was developed in Japan and has not gained popularity outside of the country, although Western variants with larger accommodations and often private baths are being developed (such as the Hotel, Yotel the Pod Hotel, and citizenM in Kuala Lumpur, London, New York and Amsterdam respectively). Guests are asked not to smoke or eat in the capsules.
These capsule hotels vary widely in size, some having only fifty or so capsules and others over 700. Many are used primarily by men.There are also capsule hotels with separate male and female sleeping quarters. Clothes and shoes are sometimes exchanged for a yukata and slippers on entry. A towel may also be provided. The benefit of these hotels is convenience and price, usually around ¥2000-4000 a night ($21–42, 16-31, £15–29).
Most roomers are businessmen too tired or far away to make the trip home. Others (especially on weekdays) are too inebriated to safely travel to their homes, or too embarrassed to face their spouses.

Coober Pedy

People have a long-standing connection with the area. The first European to pass near the site of Coober Pedy was John McDouall Stuart in 1858, but the town was not established until after 1915, when opal was discovered by Willie Hutchinson. Miners first moved in around about 1916. The harsh summer desert temperatures mean that many residents prefer to live in caves bored into the hillsides. A standard three-bedroom cave home with lounge, kitchen, and bathroom can be excavated out of the rock in the hillside for a similar price to a house on the surface. It remains at a constant temperature, whereas surface living needs air-conditioning, especially during the summer months, when temperatures often exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The relative humidity rarely gets over 20% on these hot days, and the skies are usually cloud-free. The average maximum temperature is 30-32 degrees Celsius, but it can get quite cool in the winter.
Coober Pedy is a very small town, roughly halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs, that has become a popular stopover point and tourist destination, especially since the completion of the sealing of the Stuart Highway in 1987.
Interesting attractions in Coober Pedy include the mines, the graveyard, and the underground churches. The first tree ever seen in the town was welded together from scrap iron. It still sits on a hilltop overlooking the town. The local golf course - mostly played at night with glowing balls, to avoid daytime temperatures - is completely free of grass and golfers take a small piece of "turf" around to use for teeing off. As a result of correspondence between the two clubs the Coober Pedy golf club is the only club in the world to enjoy reciprocal rights at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Both the town and its hinterland, for different reasons, are very photogenic and have therefore attracted film makers. The town itself was the setting for the 2005 film Opel Dream. The hinterland, notably the Breakaways and Moon Plain, have featured as backdrops in films including Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,Red Planet, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Pitch Black and Sa;ute of the Jugger, which made considerable use of locals as extras. Coober Pedy also featured in the second season of the TV series, The Amazing Race. The book Wildfire by Chiris Ryan includes Coober Pedy but states that there are only 3 buildings on the surface and the rest of the town is underground. The town is a pivotal location in Wim Wenders' 1999 film Until the End of the World.

The Pierre Hotel,

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning or climate control. Additional common features found in hotel rooms are a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, and Internet connectivity; snack foods and drinks may be supplied in a mini-bar, and facilities for making hot drinks. Larger hotels may provide a number of additional guest facilities such as a restaurant, a swimming pool or childcare, and have conference and social function services.
Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. In the United Kingdom, a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours; to avoid this requirement it is not uncommon to come across private hotels which are not subject to this requirement.[citation needed] In Japan, capsule hotels provide a minimized amount of room space and shared facilities.
In Australia and Canada, hotel may also refer to a pub or bar. In India, the word may also refer to a restaurant since the best restaurants were always situated next to a good hotel.

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Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is Hyatt International's flagship property. Positioned among the finest hotels in the world and with magnificent views of Hong Kong's renowned Victoria Harbour, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong lies in the very heart of this vibrant and exciting city. Of the hotel's 556 guest rooms and suites, more than 70 percent of the accommodations command spectacular harbour views. The hotel's eight restaurants and bars offer a diverse array of dining and entertainment options. Exceptional recreational facilities include an outdoor heated swimming pool open year round. The hotel's 26 meeting rooms, including the impressive Grand Ballroom, regularly play host to international forums and events. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong redefines hotel luxury with traditional standards of excellence offering a warm welcome to international business travellers, meetings and events

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

In A City Famous For Its Hotels, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Redefines The Meaning Of Impeccable Personal Service And Old-World Elegance. Residing On An Entire City Block At Chater Road And Connaught Road Central In The Prestigious Financial DisTrict, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Is Ideal For The Business Traveler but Also Enchants Leisure Guests Who Seek Incomparable Views, Duty-free Shopping And Unique Excursions.

Langham Palace Mongkok, Hong Kong

Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong builds on The Langham legend of 141 years while introducing a refreshingly modern five-star Luxury Hong Kong Spa hotel of clean lines and hi-tech delivery. Langham Place Hotel is more than just a luxury spa hotel in Hong Kong, it is the PLACE. As a true five-star luxury Spa hotel in Hong Kong, Langham Place Hotel Hong Kong is home to Chuan Spa which straddles the top three floors of the Hotel and introducing one of the first luxury Spas to specialize in traditional Chinese medicine while offering all the international treatments and massage you have come to expect. Chuan Spa is not only a day spa but a luxurious residential spa with hotel accommodation available featuring a "secret" entrance directly to the Spa. The state of the art Heath Club in Hong Kong and outdoor heated pool in the sky are further essential ingredients of this sensory multiplex. Speaking of Ingredients part of the essential recipe for this five-star luxury Hong Kong spa hotel are our deluxe restaurants and professional business conference rooms in Hong Kong. Ming Court offers superb traditional oriental cuisine and The Place has a wholesome a la carte menu or a sumptuous buffet (you'll need to watch your waistline). The Backyard comes alive on weekend evenings with a BBQ under the stars and Portal serves everything from great nibbles and bar meals through to an eclectic range of oysters and shellfish. In addition our events team cater for wedding banquets, business conference meetings, parties, corporate lunch's, award ceremonies and gala dinners with equal experience and finesse.

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Amanjena - Marrakesh, Morocco

Amanjena ("peaceful paradise") is the first Amanresort on the African continent. The resort's 32 pavilions, six, two-storey maisons and largest accommodation, the Al-Hamra Maison, are set within an oasis of palms and mature olive trees. Amanjena's rose-blush walls mirror Marrakech, known in Arabic as Al Medina al-Hamra (the red city). The resort's design emulates the old Moorish pise (packed earth) buildings, as well as the Berber villages that cling to the High Atlas Mountains. Marrakech was brought to radiant life by the brilliance of 11th-century Almoravid irrigation. Water is no less the unifying element of Amanjena, which has as its centrepiece, a large bassin, traditionally a holding pool to collect water for irrigation. Amanjena's pavilions and maisons extend from the bassin, fanning out in two directions, separated by reflecting pools in a landscape of lawns and vines, emerald-clay roofs, marble fountains and glittering hand-cut, glazed tiles (zellij).

All of the resort's 32 air-conditioned pavilions include a bedroom-living room and spacious bathroom and dressing area. The living area consists of a high, domed ceiling, a king-size platform bed and an open fireplace. Brass lanterns and Berber carpets discreetly reinforce the Moroccan theme. Furnishings include a daybed with an accompanying table and chair. The suites have a mini-bar, a CD player and a TV/DVD, while green Moroccan marble and a soaking tub in a garden setting highlight the bathroom. Each pavilion has its own private courtyard along with a pillared minzah (gazebo) and a fountain. Amanjena's six two-storey maisons rise seven metres from floor to ceiling in a variation of the Moroccan townhouse, with trines of second-floor windows looking inward, as if to a garden courtyard. The living area, located on the main floor, features an arc-cut fireplace, a zellij wall fountain and a small bathroom. The guest bedroom, with its queen-size bed, full bathroom, double change areas and separate courtyard entrance, is also located on the entry level. Upstairs, the bathroom is defined by marble columns, domed shower, toilet rooms and a pillared, green-marble tub. The bedroom comes with a king-size bed and divan. The maisons also offer a private six-metre swimming pool, a garden and minzah.

With a convenient location at the edge of Marrakech, Amanjena provides the ideal base for further exploration of Marrakech and beyond. The city itself, with its gardens, souks, art and culture, is just seven kilometres away and the resort looks out onto the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, the highest range in North Africa. Carefully constructed private tours and treks, taking in local highlights, are easily arranged.

Burj AlArab - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A Billowing Sail-shaped Structure Soaring 321 Metres Above The Arabian Gulf Burj Al Arab Is A Dramatic Tribute To The Regions Seafaring Heritage. Combining The Latest Technology With A Long-standing Reputation Of Arabian Hospitality The Hotel Symbolizes The Very Essence Of Dubai Embracing The Best Of New Alongside Traditions Of The Past. Guests Can Transfer From Dubai International Airport By Rolls Royce Silver Seraph Limousines. 202 Suites Have Been Exquisitely Crafted And Appointed To Achieve A Degree Of Comfortable Luxury To Satisfy The Senses Of Every Guest From All Corners Of The World. Individual Service And Attention To Detail Are Paramount With A Private Reception On Each Floor As Well As Butler Service For Every Suite. Within Each Suite Lies Sophisticated Technology Providing The Largest Selection Of Satellite Television Channels Available In The Middle East. Every Suite Features Its Own Laptop Notebook Computer, Fax Machine And Printer.
The Al Falak Ballroom And Conference Suites Located High Above The Arabian Gulf On The 27th Floor Offers The Very Best Of Meeting Facilities. Six Restaurants And Lounges Provide A Variety Of Dining Options From An Underwater Seafood Restaurant ... al Mahara ... accessible By A Three Minute Submarine Voyage To The Heights Of ... al Muntaha ... located On The Top Level Of The Hotel.
A Lavishly Decorated Private Health And Fitness Facility The Assawan Spa Is Located On The 18th Floor Its Unique Location Allows Guests To Enjoy Spectacular Views From The Pools, jacuzzis, spas, massage, Beauty And Therapy Rooms And Aerobics Workout Studios.
Burj Al Arab Is Setting New Standards Of Luxury ... Service And Comfort On The Shores Of The Arabian Gulf.

Pearl Continental Hotel - Lahore, Pakistan

The Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore Is Situated On Shahrah-e-quaid-e-azam, The Mall, Opposite The Governor House. It Is Only 7km From Lahore International Airport, 6km From The Main Railway Station And 1.5 Km From The Main Business Centre. The Accommodations Comprise Of 485 Rooms Varying From Presidential Suites To Standard Rooms. The Hotel Boasts A Varity Of Dining Possibilities Meeting Facilities As Well As Health And Recrteational Facilities.

Park Hayat Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan

The inspiration and backdrop for the critically acclaimed film, Lost In Translation, Park Hyatt Tokyo is an elegant oasis of space and calm that offers spectacular views of Tokyo and the Kanto Plain all the way to Mount Fuji, from the top 14 floors of the 52-storey Shinjuku Park Tower. Conveniently located in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo's vibrant business and entertainment district, the hotel is approximately 90 minutes from Narita International Airport and close to Shinjuku Station, the city's major transportation hub with rail and subway access to anywhere in metropolitan Tokyo. Designed to feel more like a modern private residence than a hotel, Park Hyatt Tokyo's attention to detail extends to a range of specially commissioned works of art that are displayed throughout the hotel. The 178 rooms and suites are the most spacious hotel guest rooms in Tokyo, providing a serene retreat and an efficient private office with the latest amenities and high-tech communications. With a distinguished reputation for providing the ultimate in personal attention and services, Park Hyatt Tokyo also offers a wide range of excellent restaurants, each with a unique style, such as the dynamic New York Grill - voted #1 for the past five years in the Zagat Tokyo Survey - and the starkly beautiful Kozue, for Japanese cuisine. With extensive meeting and banquet facilities, the hotel can accommodate every type of event from small business meetings to large social gatherings. For the convenience of the business traveller in Tokyo, the hotel also has a full-service Business Centre, open 24 hours daily. Providing the ultimate cosmopolitan retreat, Club on the Park is Park Hyatt Tokyo's health and fitness sanctuary, providing luxurious spa and relaxation areas, a stunning indoor pool and an unparalleled range of state-of-the-art equipment in its gymnasium and aerobics studio with panoramic views. For the discriminating business and leisure traveller, Park Hyatt Tokyo is quite simply, one of the best hotels in the world.

Taj Palace Hotel - New Delhi, India

The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi is a perfect embodiment of all qualities synonymous with the quality of Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces. Standing apart in service, its facilities and of course, in its distinguished patronage, this hotel has played host to Heads of State, corporate moguls and high profile businessmen from across the world. Nestled in six acres of lush greens in the exclusive Diplomatic Enclave of the city, Taj Palace Hotel is the only one in the top-of-the-line category near Gurgaon, and a mere 10 minutes drive from the airport. Centrally Located In The Embassy Area In Close Proximity To Business District. The Hotel Property Covers 7 Acres With Landscaped Gardens. A White Marble Staircase Sweeps Down From Lobby. Four Restaurants Serve Both Regional And International Cuisine.

Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments - London , UK

An independent, privately-owned, family-run hotel, The Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments is located in the heart of London, in the hub of Piccadilly. With its five star service and friendly atmosphere, The Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments has once again been chosen by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine as a top London hotel for 2005. This is the third year that the Athenaeum has received this accolade and has been featured in the Gold List. The 111 guestrooms and 12 luxurious suites combine traditional English elegance with 21st century technology. Many rooms have a stunning view overlooking Green Park towards Westminster and beyond, creating a feeling of tranquility in the heart of London. For the Athenaeum's many regular guests (over 40% regular visitors), the family atmosphere is reinforced by the familiar faces of the long-standing staff, some of whom have been at the hotel for over 20 years. Located in a row of Edwardian townhouses, the one and two bedroom Athenaeum Apartments offer the alternative of a home away from home, affording absolute privacy with separate entrances, while benefiting from all the amenities and services of the Hotel. For relaxation, the spa offers gymnasium, sauna, steam Room, whirlpool and treatment room .

Conrad Chicago - Chicago,IL,United State

Each of the 311 guestrooms and suites welcome guests with a warm color palette enriched by deep textured finishes and plush fabrics synonoumous with Conrad Hotels and Resort's signature contemporary decor. Guestrooms feature 500 thread-count Pratesi linens and terry, custom quilted headboard, bedding accents, ergonomic leather chair, lounge chair with ottoman, modern art and soft lighting.

In addition, all guest rooms feature an abundance of tech-savvy amenities, including 42-inch plasma flat screen televisions complete with surround sound, Hi-fi Bose 3-2-1 entertainment systems, complimentary wired and wireless high-speed internet access, and iHome alarm clocks with charging/docking station.

In addition to the hotel's well-appointed guestrooms and suites with views of the Chicago skyline, the Conrad Chicago offers over 12,000 square feet of meeting and conference space. All meeting space is conveniently located on the sixth, eighth and tenth floors, divisible into 13 rooms, featuring the latest technology and high-speed wired and wireless internet connections. The business center is centrally located on the eighth floor, available twenty-four hours each day, offering full executive services.

Clositer at Sea Land - Sea Land , GA, United State

For more than 75 years, the Cloister on Sea Island has been standard-bearer for southern grace and hospitality. Generations of families, royalty and heads of state have found respite in the magnificent coastal landscape. In turn, The Cloister on Sea Island pampers them with unparalleled service and a legendary array of amenities, recreations and children's programs. The Cloister at Sea Island is part of the Sea Island Resort complex - which includes The Lodge at Sea Island (a boutqiue hotel experience) and the Sea Island Cottages.
Conde Nast Award Winner, Travel & Leisure Award Winner

Stein Ericksen Lodge - Park city, UT, United States

The Stein Ericksen Lodge Is A Luxurious European Style Lodge Lavishly Decorated In Deep Scandinavian Colors, Brushed Pine Furniture, Hand-Painted tiles And Over 145 Fireplaces Throughout. The Glitretind Restaurant Serves Contemporary Cuisine In A Warmly Elegant Setting. Activities include Ski-in, Ski-out Access To Deer Valley Resort In The Winter And Mountain Biking, Hiking, Golf And Tennis In The Summer. The Lodge Has Received Many Distinguished Awards Including Conde Nast Traveler 1 And 2 Best Mainland Resort, AAA Four Diamond And Mobil Four-star Awards.

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Loews Regency Hotel - New York, United States

In one of the most fast-paced and populous cities on Earth, sits an enclave of quiet elegance and luxury, the Loews Regency Hotel. Located in one of the most revered sections of Manhattan, the hotel is situated on a tree-lined avenue and neighbors upscale boutiques, antique shops and museums. Once inside, the lobby exudes warmth and friendliness: an exceptional quality that's just as inherent in the attentive staff. A recent multi-million dollar renovation has turned this hotel into a closely guarded secret getaway. The luxurious fabrics that grace the contemporary accommodations are enhanced with gold and wood accents. Sheets of the 200-thread variety and premier mattresses ensure that you will sleep deeply even if the city doesn't. It's lodging indulgence to the hilt. The polish and flair of the hotel isn't purely cosmetic. An impeccably attentive staff ensures that The Regency lives up to its refined Park Avenue address. Distinctive services range from individually designed workouts with personal trainers to the simple, welcoming gesture of a doorman that remembers and refers to you by name throughout your visit.

Badrutts Palace Hotel -- St, Moritz, Switzerland

Possibly The World's Most Famous Ski Resort, St. Moritz Can Legitimately Claim To Be The Birthplace Of Winter Sports Holidays. Situated Above The Village Of St. Moritz In The Heart Of This Recreational Mecca Is Badrutt's Palace, A 100 Year Old Landmark Occupying Over 6 Acres Of Private Grounds With Views Of The Lake And Mountains. The Famous Badrutt's Palace Hotel Occupies A Central But Quiet Location In 23,000 Sq. Mt. (6 Acres) Of Private Grounds With An Extraordinary View Over The St. Moritz Lake And Its Surrounding Mountains. The Sunny Climate, The Excellent Sport And Health Resort Facilities In Both, Summer And Winter, And The Excellent Cuisine Form The Background Of Its Reputation And For Your Well- Being. The Badrutt's Palace Hotel Offers 170 Comfortable Rooms (in Several Categories According To Size And Location) And 39 Suites And Junior-suites. St. Moritz Has It All And On The Premises You Will Find An Indoor Swimming Pool (outdoor Pool During Summer Season), Swimming Instructor, Sauna, Massage, Health Club, Beauty And Spa Center, Jacuzzi And Steam Bath. During The Summer Season We Have At The Disposal Of Our Clients 3 Tennis Courts, Tennis Instructor And An Outdoor Swimming Pool. St. Moritz Is The Birthplace Of Winter Holidays In The Mountains And Is Very Much Attached To Our Hotel, Offers A Large Range Of Possibilities And We Just Would Like To Mention That On The Premises You Will Find Our Own Ice Skating Rink With Instructor At The Palace Ski School. Our Shuttle Bus Service, Free Of Charge For Our Clients, Assures A Safe Transfer To The Corviglia Lifts And Back To The Hotel.

The Fairmont Singapore - Singapore

The Fairmont Singapore hotel is ideally situated at the crossroads of Singapore's business, cultural, entertainment and shopping districts. It offers 769 luxurious guest rooms and suites, a collection of 16 distinctive restaurants and bars and 70,000 square feet of prime meeting space - all supported by award-winning service teams.
In addition, guests have access to the Willow Stream Spa, one of the largest spa facilities in Asia, offering the best in spa and fitness services.
Luxury and style in the heart of Southeast Asia Singapore is not only the economic and trade hub of Southeast Asia, but also a cosmopolitan, vibrant mix of contrasts where history and modernity coincide comfortably, and East meets West to create an astonishing melting pot of cultures. With glittering displays of world-class shopping, fine cuisine and dazzling entertainment, and a pragmatic center of business and finance, this island-state offers friendly charms like no other destination. There's no better way to enjoy this captivating city than by staying in the heart of it all, in the unrivaled elegance and luxury of the award-winning and contemporary Fairmont Singapore.

Le Sirenuse -- Positano, Italy

The Old Palazzo Of The Marchesi Sersale Was Converted Into The Le Sirenuse Hotel In 1951. A Series Of Renovations Have Turned This Building Into One Of The Finest Hotels Of Southern Italy. The Hotel Has 63 Rooms, 2 Bars, Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fine Dining And Light Lunch Served By The Pool By Multinational Staff. Most Rooms With Seaview, Jacuzzi, All With A/C. The Restaurant Is Closed During The Months Of December, January And February, Therefore The Hotel Will Offer Full American Breakfast Only Via Room Service. The Bar Remains Open When The Restaurant Is Closed.
Location Summary
Located In The Hills Of Beautiful Amalfi Drive, This Luxury Hotel Overlooks The Ocean From A Perfectly Located Perch High Above The Mediterranian Sea In The Town Of Positano. Approximately 60-Miles To Naples And Capodichino Airport. Limo Service Is Available Upon Request And Is Subject To Change.

The Peninsula Hong Kong - Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong has long been hailed as one of the finest hotels in the world. Created 75 years ago in the glamorous 1920s, the legendary "Grande Dame of the Far East" continues to set hotel standards worldwide, offering a blend of the best of Eastern and Western hospitality in an atmosphere of unmatched classical grandeur and timeless elegance. The Peninsula Hong Kong offers the ultimate in luxury accommodations with the most spacious hotel rooms and suites in Hong Kong. Each one of the hotel's opulent guest rooms is comfortable and stylish and equipped with advanced technology for the convenience of hotel guests - underlined, of course, by the world-famous Peninsula service.

The hotel's celebrated fleet of Rolls-Royce limousines, together with The Peninsula's helicopter shuttle service from the hotel's rooftop helipad, offer hotel guests luxurious transportation to and from Hong Kong International Airport and around Hong Kong.

The restaurants and bars at The Peninsula Hong Kong are among the most exclusive and most elegant in Hong Kong. Renowned as one of the best French restaurants in Asia, Gaddi's is Hong Kong's most elegant dining experience while Felix offers a sleek and stylish city rendezvous with stunning views across the harbor. High tea at The Peninsula's The Lobby is a Hong Kong institution, and the best authentic Cantonese food in town is served at Spring Moon.

The Peninsula Spa is one of Hong Kong's most luxurious hotel spa facilities, complete with a state-of-the-art Health Club, huge Roman-style swimming pool, and beauty and hairdressing salon. The pool opens onto the hotel's sun terrace, providing an incredible view of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island.

Hayman Island Resort - Great Barrier Reef - Australia

In Australia's Whitsunday Islands, Nestled Between The North East Coast Of Queensland And The Great Barrier Reef, Lies Hayman. Surrounded by idyllic coral fringed beaches and lapping the waters of the Coral Sea, on the south-western side of the island, Hayman offers 244 guest rooms, suites, penthouses and a beach villa. A Feeling Of Modern Tropical Elegance Prevails In The Guest Room Furnishings And Overall Decor Which Fully Complements The Surrounding And Provides Comfort And Privacy. The accommodation, restaurants, guest service areas, marine facilities and operational plant, have been designed to blend in with the natural beauty of the surroundings. No part of the resort is higher than four stories and throughout, shady ponds and gentle waterfalls thread their way among beautiful gardens, spacious walkways and open air lanais. This Superb Location Is The Ultimate In Island Living Where The Climate And Surroundings Encourage Relaxation And Create A Holiday Atmosphere. Hayman Has A Style As Special As Its Setting. It Is Warm And Friendly And It Is Also Australia's Most Prestigious Resort. Whether Guests Choose To Simply Relax Or Enjoy A More Active Holiday They Can Be Assured Their Time Spent On Hayman Will Be Unforgettable.

Raffles Dubai -- Dubai -- United Arab Emirates

Inspired by the great pyramids of Egypt, Raffles Dubai radiates an opulent blend of Middle Eastern and Asian decor. Under the apex of the pyramid, 11 distinctive restaurants and bars feature culinary delights from all over the world. For successful meetings and events Raffles Dubai offers a choice of 11 private rooms with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and the latest wireless technology. The one-hectare masterpiece Raffles Sky Garden is Dubai's most luxurious venue for outdoor celebrations and events. From the extravagance of a SPA Pool to the pampering of the body and soul, the Raffles Amrita SPA with its 6 treatment rooms and gym is a unique and exquisite haven perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and indulgence.

Four Seasons Whistler -- Whistler, BC, Canada

One of the most popular mountain destinations in North America, whistler nestles in British Columbia's coastal mountains, just ninety minutes from Vancouver. Its awe-inspiring setting invigorates both body and spirit, with best-rated skiing, championship golf and natural wilderness adventures for all ages. The resort, rests at the base of Blackcomb mountain, with cozy wood interior, fireplaces and terraces or balconies in every room, is one of the finest luxury mountain resort hotels in the area.

InterContinental Abu Soma --- Hurghada--- Egypt

InterContinental Abu Soma is one of Egypts most beautiful Red Sea resorts; boasting pristine golden sandy beach, turquoise waters and stunning desert scenery. Palm trees tracing the curve of Abu Soma's twin bays reveal a major landscaped oasis, which is creating an island of lush greenery. The InterContinental Abu Soma Resort Red Sea rests on prime water front location with magnificent views of the sea, sky and the distant desert islands of the Red Sea. The Luxurious 445 guest rooms suites with unique modern open design provide guests with magnificent uninterrupted views of the Red Sea. All rooms and suites have direct international dialing, personal safes, mini bar, satellite television channels, air-conditioning as well as complimentary Tea Coffee making facilities. The wide range of International restaurants include a Greek Restaurant, an Italian Restaurant, an Oriental Restaurant and a Seafood Restaurant as well as a variety of bars and the Discotheque.

A variety of recreational facilities for all age groups includes one kilometer private beach, one large outdoor swimming pool, 2,375 sqm, with integrated children pool, one 300 sqm temperature controlled indoor swimming pool in the health club complex, 2 tennis courts, diving center, windsurfing station,horse stables with Arabian horses as well as a state of art health club

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JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa is set in lush tropical gardens, with 17 kms of natural beachfront. Fifteen minutes north of the airport, the resort comprises 265 spacious rooms, including 13 suites, all facing towards the Andaman Sea. Facilities include eleven restaurants and bars, Thai cooking school, three magnificent pools, a Mandara Spa, shopping arcade and an activities-packed kids club. The fitness center includes two tennis courts, yoga sala. Golf available nearby.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels are known for their lavish decor and extraordinary service. With superior amenities, accommodations at luxury hotels are designed to thoroughly pamper and impress guests. According to a Business Week Online article, those in the luxury market are getting harder to please stating that luxury goods and service providers can't afford to blunder with the level of service and customer experience they provide. For this reason, many luxury hotels go far beyond the norm by providing a lifestyle experience equal to or better than what guests have become accustomed to at home. Luxury hotels frequently offer full-service day spas, five-star restaurants staffed by world-class chefs, ballrooms, lavish pools, golf packages and guest services that are unsurpassed by any other class of hotel. In addition, luxury rooms generally include those amenities found in business class hotels plus in-room safes, goose down comforters and pillows, marble showers and tubs, larger rooms, separate sitting or living area and fog-free bathroom mirrors. Rates can range from $129US per night to $2,000US per night.

Business Hotels

Business hotels offer a high standard by providing rooms equipped with what business travelers would consider necessities. Usually found in business-class hotel rooms are high speed Internet connections, alarm clocks, comfortable beds, irons and ironing boards, coffee makers, complimentary newspaper delivery and hairdryers. Rates can range from $80US per night to $250US per night. The facility of a business hotel would also offer an in-house restaurant, bar, exercise room and shuttle service to nearby airports. Limit concierge assistance is often included as well as room service, laundry and dry cleaning and wake-up calls.

Budget Hotels

Budget hotels offer clean albeit simple rooms that provide the basics of places to sleep and shower. Usually budget hotels are designed for travelers looking to maximize their funds and minimize expenses. Some of the Budget hotels offer breakfast as well and very popular for early morning check out travelers. Prices can range from $20US per night to $70US per night.

Choosing a Hotel

Because of the diversity of hotels a rating system, based on stars, was created. However, rating systems don't all carry the same definitions. For instance, the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the United States regularly reviews and rates facilities with a scale based on one star to five stars. The ratings reflect specific written standards set forth by AAA. Travelers who are familiar with this system will know what to expect when booking a reservation at a hotel rated on this scale.

But in Europe or Latin America, ratings systems (if they exist) are widely scattered and unorganized. The same applied to most online travel booking sites that apply their own "star" system, which is not related to AAA.

If the facility is unfamiliar, rather than rely on a ratings system that could be unfounded, look to online review sites for help or ask friends or business associates for recommendations.

From their humble beginnings in spare rooms of private homes to the most plush, opulent and service-oriented facilities available, hotels have evolve into temporary housing for people of all classes who travel. With such a diverse selection, finding a hotel that caters to your needs, on your level can be the defining point in a holiday or business trip.

History of hotels

Evidence of hotels and the hospitality industry have been recorded as far back as biblical times when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem during the census. As the Bible depicts, Mary and Joseph were refused accommodations because there "was no room at the inn." Since the beginning of time, people have traveled for commerce, religion, family, health, immigration, education and recreation.

The word "hospitality" comes from the Latin root meaning "host" or "hospice." The first hotels were nothing more than private homes opened to the public. Most, unfortunately, had poor reputations. Under the influence of the Roman Empire, inns and hotels began catering to the pleasure traveler in an effort to encourage visitors.

The first inn located in America was recorded in the year 1607 and lead the way with many other firsts in the hospitality industry. The first publicly held hotel (the City Hotel) opened in New York in 1792. The first modern hotel (the Tremont) opened in Boston in 1809 and the first business hotel (the Buffalo Statler) opened in 1908.

From there a surge of hotels flooded American and the rest of the world with prominent names such as Radisson, Marriot and Hilton.